nicole thomas-Kennedy and Police RefoRm

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy Opposes Police Reform

NTK would love for voters to believe that she supports police reform - but she doesn't. NTK said that she opposes the implementation of "reform-type ideas" in the criminal justice system. While her opponent Ann Davison has been endorsed by reform-oriented leaders in Seattle's Black community like the Rev. Dr. Harriet Walden (the founder of Mothers For Police Accountability) and Victoria Beach (the head of the Seattle Police Department's African American Community Advisory Council), Nicole Thomas-Kennedy calls herself an anarchist, calls for an end to all policing in Seattle, and spends her free time sending profane tweets to Seattle's police chief.

In July 2020 Nicole Thomas-Kennedy writes: "I'm way left but at the moment can only tweet about my rabid hatred of the police. I currently read like a single issue law enforcement anarchist."
In August 2020 Nicole Thomas-Kennedy writes: "Just want to remind everyone that this little USA come apart is because cops are serial killers, and a big chunk of you are serial killer apologists."
On Christmas Eve 2020 Nicole Thomas-Kennedy writes to the Seattle Police: "Eat some covid laced shit & quit ur jobs."

"Police are Nazi chalk patrol."

If elected City Attorney, Nicole Thomas-Kennedy would be responsible for defending the Seattle Police Department and its officers in court - something that she will likely be unable to do after spending a year saying SPD officers are "serial killers", don't deserve to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and should "eat some covid laced shit."

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy is also on the record as saying that cops lie frequently and that they are trained to lie. How could Nicole Thomas-Kennedy effectively prosecute crimes when she has said the city police lies in reports?

As City Attorney she would also be responsible for representing the City in the federal consent decree process. But NTK has called for immediate and massive cuts to SPD's budget, which puts her directly at odds with both the federal judge and police monitor responsible for overseeing the city's police reform efforts, who have said radical cuts are irresponsible.